To: 11th Fleet Command | USS Pioneer

To: 11th Fleet Command
From: RADM Quint
Subj: U.S.S. Pioneer

To whom it may concern,

On Stardate 97045.6 my Officers recovered the USS Pioneer from an ‘Artificially generated subspace fold’ After this, the USS Pioneer departed for Starbase 87 for repairs. After, restricting access to areas of the ship from my Officer’s rescue and Engineering teams. They even denied access to the logs. Under such circumstances it is usually prudent to share information about possible travel hazard and the like. There would also be the due diligence of the recovering ship to have their Engineer teams check the entirety of the ship for damage. Especially considering the unique situation the ship was discovered in. Now, after some reexamination and study there are some theories.

The prevailing theory going around my staff is that this was an attempt to duplicate the trajector propulsion system used by the Confederacy of Azedi. While I understand ‘Operational Security’ needs better than most, I also think there has been a few boxes not checked. First of all testing such a device in my operational region. Being as my Fleet operates along the primary neutral zone. We easily could have miss judged this as an Azedi incursion. Or the Azed could have taken some form of offense.

Thankfully, neither was the case.

That said, professional curtesy says at the very least my office be notified. Rather like when sending tricobalt warheads though my AO in a disguised convoy. Given that twice now, that has been observed, the 11th has been poking about in our AO without so much as a word. I want myself and my XO read in on what it is you think you are doing out here.

Emery Quint
Rear Admiral, Fleet Commanding Officer
38’th Fleet Argo