To: 38th Fleet 'Argo' Consulate - Prac / SS Latinum Shark - Ferengi Alliance Inquiry

To: 38th Fleet ‘Argo’ Consulate
CC: LCDR Blake (@S.J.Brex ); CMDR Sakket (@Nimitz ); LTJG Beles (@Mudd )
From: ENS Murphy
Subj: Prac / SS Latinum Shark - Ferengi Alliance Inquiry

Good day,

We in operations are presently assisting DS13 Security in the investigation of the stolen artwork from the Addyson and Tuvya Foundation charity auction 98229.7. We are presently investigating a person of interest; the Ferengi Prac, master of the SS Latinum Shark (Port of Registry-Ferenginar), who was in attendance for the onstation Archeology conference.

FOP has no criminal record of Prac and his vessel is not under any current deficiencies nor deviations. All indications show him to be a collector of sorts.

We formally request if your good office might be able to contact the Ferengi Alliance to inquire about any background/criminal information they may have on himself or his ship.

As you’re well aware of Ferengi custom to not indict their own to outsiders, I would advise approaching the Ferengi Alliance with the fact that Prac has been confirmed of having done business here on the space station with a known criminal who is under investigation and while we are confident the nature of their transaction was legal, any additional information to help establish his innocence would be most appreciative as to avoid postponing his mercantile schedule any further resulting in costly delays. Should Prac have committed offenses against the Alliance, they may well be inclined to divulge same to the Federation.

Kind regards and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information you may require.

Ensign Murphy, Adelaide
Deep Space 13 - Operations
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// FOPRecordPracFA.ext, FOPRecordSSLatinumSharkFA.ext


To: ENS Murphy
CC: LCDR Blake, CMDR Sakkhet, LTJG Beles
From: LCDR Nepen Ce
Subj: Re: Prac / SS Latinum Shark - Ferengi Alliance Inquiry


LT Nepen Ce
Diplomatic Corps Minion

//ATTACHMENT// 98242.9-prac.records

Open attachment

According to the attached files, the Ferengi Prac has a short list of misdemeanors for which he has had to pay various fines to authorities of the Ferengi Alliance. The worst offense seems to be an instance where he was caught smuggling trade contraband on behalf of third parties.