TO| 38th Fleet Command - SUBJ| Promotion

Stardate 93675

TO 38th Fleet Command
FROM United Federation of Planets Promotion Board

SUBJ Commander Skye - Promotion

The United Federation of Planets (To be referenced as UFP hence with) promotion board has reviewed and processed Commander Fiona Skyes recommendation for promotion and the UFP promotion board feels that there are no barriers to her promotion as the commander has met the requirements for the rank of Captain.

The UFP Promotion Board at this moment approves Commander Skye's recommendation of promotion to the rank of Captain, effective immediately, with the captain's new assignment to the USS MacAlpine as commanding officer, effective upon arrival if USS MacAlpine at Deep Space 13. Captain Skye will remain attached to the 38th Fleet with the USS MacAlpine.

United Federation of Planets Promotion Board