To All Commands; Subj: Squadron Assignments

Stardate 91911.5

TO: CAPT DePoe; CAPT Morton; CAPT R'zo-vek
CC: All Commanding Officers, 38th Fleet

SUBJ: Squadron Assignments


With the war behind us, Command has decided to rescind the recall of all starships to fleet headquarters at DS13. Effective Stardate 91915.1 (December 1st, 2414), All 38th Fleet commands will once again be organized into three squadrons.

These squadrons will be organizational structures only. Specific missions will continue to be assigned to individual vessels, and larger missions will be carried out by Task Forces (operational groups formed to accomplish a specific mission or goal) composed of starships as needed, regardless of assigned squadron.

Captains Steven DePoe, Coby Morton, and R'zo-vek have been designated Squadron Leaders, and their vessels will serve as the flagships for their respective Squadrons. The Squadron Leaders will serve as the direct superior officers for the Captains under their command. They, in turn, will report to 38th Fleet Command.

A full assignment listing for all starships is attached to this message. Please review these attachments thoroughly. Any questions regarding the breakdown, or about specific starship assignments can be directed to Fleet Captain Perim. Thank you.

Vice Admiral Rilem Celes
Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain Timothy Dewey
Executive Officer
Fleet Captain Neema Perim
Second Officer



  • USS Leyte Gulf
    Captain DePoe
  • USS Carbuncle
    Commander Heitzer
  • USS Galatea
    Captain Pailes
  • USS Jeanne d'Arc
    Captain DuPont
  • USS Loki
    Commander M'Ryssa
  • USS Magellan
    Captain Varley
  • USS Nostromo
    Captain Ripley
  • USS Robau
    Captain Buchanan
  • USS Saratoga
    Commander Th'ahl (Acting)
  • USS Scharnhorst
    Captain De Drowvani
  • USS Titanic
    Captain Wilson
  • USS White Hawk
    Captain Quint


  • USS Oswestry
    Captain Morton
  • USS Arkansas
    Lt. Commander McCaffrey
  • USS Atlas
    Captain Welhuph
  • USS Damocles
    Captain Thraz
  • USS Formidible
    Captain Cross
  • USS Heimdall
    Captain S'ill
  • USS Hurricane
    Captain Caine
  • USS Indomitable
    Captain Sant
  • USS Innovation
    Captain T'Lot
  • USS Tavistock
    Commander M'Rella
  • USS Treptow
    Commander Tanis
  • USS Troi
    Captain Elan


  • USS Toronto
    Captain R'zo-vek
  • USS Antler Crown
    Captain Wright
  • USS Armitage
    Captain Ra'jiradh
  • USS Asura
    Captain Badhand
  • USS Avaria
    Captain O'Neill
  • USS Bucephalus
    Captain Galcyon
  • USS Heisenberg
    Captain Trés
  • USS Kanto
  • USS Meridiana
    Captain Carson
  • USS Maelstrom
    Captain Shinhwa
  • USS Mustang
  • USS Praxis
    Captain Quen'fhoz
  • USS San Jacinto
    Captain Parsons
  • USS Starchaser
    Captain Ross


Squadrons have been assigned based on our observation of each player's usual play-time and timezone. The first squad listed is for the 'later' timezones (NA), and the second for 'earlier' timezones (EU). Coby and DePoe have agreed to take up the IC leadership of these groups, so feel free to bring them RP and include them on your AARs and Memos.

The third squad is reserved for two things. 1, players/characters that are generally inactive; 2, ships/characters that are highly specialized, like dedicated MACO troop transports. R'zo-vek (Razor) is being used as a placeholder Squadron Leader. This Squad will not be actively maintained, so players who return from an LOA or period of inactivity to find their characters in this squad should contact an admin to arrange a transfer.

If you are confused or unhappy about your character's squad assignment, please come talk to an admin!

((((((((OCC: So what do we refer to or CO's as ? Commodore, Fleet Captain ?))))))))))
(( "Captain" would do. Their rank didn't change, just their responsibility and level of authority.))
(At risk of provoking angry rebuttals, isn't that what the rank of fleeet captain or commodore is for? To differentiate them from their subordinate captains and give them a concrete title that puts them a step above?)
((((I prefer Commodore personally))))
(( ))

1. Fleet Captain and Commodore are not the same thing.

2. Fleet Captain and Commodore are not titles, they are ranks and they entail permanent responsibility.

I personally really don't like the "rubberband"ing method of applying ranks temporarily to people just to fulfill some role. In the event that the squad lead chars don't stay squad leads, they'd be back to being 'ordinary captains' and for some reason it's not supposed to be interpreted as a demotion? Mreh to that.