TO: All DS13 Operations Personnel | SUBJ: State of the Department

TO: All DS13 Operations Personnel
CC: FCAPT N. Perim; DS13 Fleet Command
FROM: CMDR A. Freeman
SUBJ: State of the Department

As you are now aware, Commander Dantes has been reassigned from Operations to Fleet Administration. His dedication to this department, in no small part, played a role in his advancement to that new assignment. Your dedication to your duties under him have reflected well on him, and on yourselves. So it's with sincere respect that I congratulate him, and with with equally sincere humility that I take up his former post, as your Chief.

While there were several officers under consideration for the position, command has decided to keep the department in it's current configuration, and I will explain why that is, as I lay out my vision for the work we'll set out to accomplish in the next year.

Operations plays a vital role in the day to day functionality of any posting in Starfleet, and perhaps even more so when we're talking about a Starbase. Deep Space Thirteen has become an example of how things should work, and other commands have taken note of that. Our department is the backbone of this command, supporting everything that is accomplished here. We help coordinate between departments, handle the vast amounts of communications that come through this installation, defend the base with our tactical division, we are the first face and voice our visitors and new personnel see and hear when they transport aboard or dock, and we do the hard work of keeping this base supplied, clean and comfortable for the thousands of officers, crewmen and civilians who call DS13 home. These tasks are important and I take them seriously, we will continue to set the standard other commands strive for.

We will not be satisfied with just maintaining excellence, we will improve upon it. Over the next year there will be several projects that Operations will play a major role in, if not handle completely on our own. I will be announcing these projects over the next coming weeks and months, but today I can announce that we are about to begin the upgrade of DS13's communications arrays to handle the added responsibilities this command has taken up in the past few years. We will coordinate with the Engineering department, who will be building the infrastructure for this upgrade over the next year. It will be our job to install the computer equipment, programming and communication protocols that will bring this project from the planning stages to reality. It will also be this department's duty to operate the new arrays, and handle the data streams that will come through it. This is a long term project that most of you will play a part in bringing to existence. I'm excited to play a part in a long overdue upgrade that will bring us inline with the major Starfleet space stations, it'll put us on par with ESD, DS9 and other stations that the Federation sees as vital to it's continuing mission, and it'll be our job to make that happen.

I've met a number of you already, but I am letting you all know today that I'm available to meet you all. I will have an open door policy to handle your questions and concerns, so don't be afraid to seek me out to discuss them with me.

Keep up the good work,


Commander Andre Freeman
Chief of Operations, DS13