TO: Aravissa sh'Aqren

TO: Nurse Aravissa sh'Aqren
From: CMO
Subject: Get to know your workplace and staff

Welcome to DS 13. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our sickbay and introduce yourself to the staff and importantly, any patients that are present. It's been a while since we've received a new nurse and many will welcome the fresh perspective you may bring. I trust that you have good bedside manners.

Also please review our personnel records and if there is anyone who hasn't had their yearly physical yet, kindly remind them of it. Starfleet captains are always ready to rush into a firefight but shriek at the idea of an exam.

While our Republic colleagues are not subject to Starfleet regulations and are managed by their own medical department. Take care that our Republic colleagues are in good health.

Captain S'Hauen Jarok
Captain, Chief Medical Officer for DS 13.