TO: Aries Squadron Command SUBJ: Returning to duty

TO: Aries Squadron Command
CC: Captain Coby Morton, Commanding Officer, USS October
FROM: Captain Samuel A. Bishop, Commanding Officer, USS Endeavour
SUBJECT: Returning to duty

STARDATE: 92434.4

Attachment: Requisition request
Attachment: Letter to Dr Kala - FAO Captain Coby Morton ONLY

To the addressed,

The Endeavour is no longer needed to help survey Arcturus and is en route back to DS13. We are scheduled to arrive on Stardate 92439.3 (10 June 2415) and, after a debrief and a resupply, we should be ready for assignment the day after, at your discretion.

We are carrying a highly fragile, high priority artefact and require a decontaminated science lab to conduct the extensive tests not available on board the Endeavour. This artefact will require manual transportation to the labs as we cannot risk using a transporter. I am requesting both permission to use such facilities and any other items we may need. I am including an attachment that lays out what we may need in greater detail.

CC: Captain Morton, I have also included an attachment for your eyes only. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact me on a secure channel or catch me upon my return to the station.


Samuel Alexander Bishop, Captain - USS Endeavour

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