To Aries Squadron - October 2421

To: @38th.Aries
CC: @38th.Command
From: CAPT Tungsten, D.
Subj: To Aries Squadron - October 2421

Greetings Aries Squadron,

My thanks to Captain Nimitz for his leadership of this squadron over the past six months or so, and I hope to keep this squadron operating well.

With the current state of the galaxy, I see no need to change our existing patrol routes and duties for now. As everyone knows, that can change in a second.

I do just want to make one suggestion for this period of relative calm: I highly encourage Captains to stage blind-sensor targeting and maneuvering drills. Many or all of the ships in this squadron may already be doing so, and that is wonderful. However if you’re not, the best time to get used to having crew stationed at designated windows to call out locations, angles, and headings, and have your tactical teams get used to manually firing based on those instructions alone is when we are not in the midst of a conflict. It takes some getting used to, to operate efficiently enough to turn an anomaly or active jamming into an advantage, rather than a hindrance.

Like I said, many or all of you may already be doing this. But if not, then I can say aside from the tactical advantage, it also proves to be an interesting team-building exercise with one’s crew.

I am looking forward to continuing to serve with all of you, out among the stars.

Captain Drake Tungsten
Commanding Officer,
USS Dragon

OOC *Looks at event calendar* Yeah, this post isn't gonna age well. Talking about business as usual, calm, and all that. :-)

To: CAPT Tungsten, Drake
CC: @38th.Aries
From: CAPT Barron, Maikull
Subj: RE: Aries Squadron - October 2421


Congratulations are in order!

I will caveat the appreciation to Captain Nimitz for his service as our former Squad Leader, and look forward to Captain Tungsten’s Leadership in the coming future. Thankfully, my Chief Tactical Officer is also our Chief Flightdeck Officer; so, we are very familiar with blind-sensor targeting drills! I offer my assistance in any squadron related operations, and look forward to working with all of you more closely!

Maikull Barron
Commanding Officer,
USS Sun Tzu [NCC 98725]

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