TO: Bishop & Nimitz | A Visit

TO CAPT S. Bishop; CAPT A. Nimitz
CC Minister Vilnu'dru'pa; Minister So'dru'un
FROM Supreme Pontiff Kriu'dru'Savi
SUBJ A Visit

Esteemed Captains,

Allow me to extend an open invitation for the two of you and any additional guests to visit Parin's great Temple of the Ancients in the capital. It had come to my attention that I have the two of you to thank for recent discoveries. Please, come meet me. I shall provide food, conversation, and prayer. I shall take care of any customs checks that may be in your way. Consider it a meeting of different peoples to learn more of the Ancients that give us civilization.

May the light of the Ancients bring civilization to your eyes.

Supreme Pontiff of the Ancients
//ATTACHMENT// Security_Authorization.tkl
Stardate 95851.9

TO AMB N. Perim
CC CAPT A. Nimitz
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ FW: A Visit


Just a heads up about this. It seems innocent enough, but the treaty we signed with the Kingdom's government held a clause that we don't discuss with them what we discovered in the tomb. We're going ahead with the invitation, but instructing the away team to not talk about the discovery made in the tomb. Captain Nimitz and myself will react to the situation as best we can to avoid an incident. Any information you have in how to approach this would be helpful, as well as any idea on how this Pontiff even managed to find out what was in the tomb.

All best,

Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop PhD
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// excavationthutontomb.aar