TO: CAPT Bishop, CAPT Se'Lai | SUBJ: Farewell

Security Level 1 - Open

TO CAPT S. Bishop; CAPT K. Se'Lai
CC ~~
FROM CAPT F. Skye, U.S.S. MacAlpine
SUBJ Farewell


Sam, Keelah,

If you are reading this, well you probably know already at this point, my record has been updated to say that I'm dead...I've heard people talking of writing messages like this before but never thought I would be one of those people. But back then, I never had a family and friends to stand for.

Even so, I know no matter what caused my death I leave promises broken in my wake, but every day I've served as a captain has been on stolen time from my sister so I knew this day would come when the reaper came knocking. I only hope I lived up to my families name and to my sister's memory.

I don't know what you thought of me in the end, but I know I felt I could call you both friends in the end.

I know I will never know your answer to this but please promise me you will look out for Keri and Cecilia when you can. All I ask is for you to keep an eye out for them as I know they will be hurting. Cecilia will be hurting and feeling betrayed as I always promised her I would be there for her, and Keri...oh I wish we could have had that wedding we were planning...she is one of the greatest minds I know but she will take time for her to process her emotions until she manages to rationalise them as she always does, she was always my rock I just hope she can forgive me for failing her.

Captain Fiona Skye
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. MacAlpine