To: CAPT Hanson | Sunrise Return

To: CAPT Hanson, R
CC: CAPT Bishop, S
From: CMDR Stapleton
Subj: Sunrise Return

Captain Hanson,

This message is to inform you that the U.S.S. Sunrise repairs have been completed and that the ship is being retransferred to your command and will arrive in the next few days, where a small crew will be dispatched to return the U.S.S. Mago to us.

A number of your ships crew will board here, and the rest will arrive in several days time.

Commander Susannah Stapleton
Engineer Utopia Planitia

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To: CAPT Hanson, R
CC: CAPT Varley, L (@Lauren); CMDR Sakkhet (@Nimitz)
From: CAPT Bishop, S
Subj: RE: Sunrise Return


Congratulations on the return of your old command. Once you’ve taken command of the U.S.S. Sunrise, you may give the order for the U.S.S. Asimov to return to DS13, at your discretion.

Good luck with your continued negotiations.


Captain Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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