TO: CAPT Omar, CAPT Fairfax | SUBJ: Squadron Assignment

Squadron Assignment
BH1Pd8X.pngTO: CAPT L. Omar, U.S.S. Lexington | CAPT P. Fairfax, U.S.S. Hokutosei
FROM: CAPT A. A. Timoreev, U.S.S. Attar
STARDATE: 93865.4

I'd like to extend you the warmest welcome in Libra Squadron, on behalf of myself and the other members of the Squadron.
I've already updated all informations pertaining to the Squadron new deployment and orders, so you may want to take a look to that. However, if you have any question about that, or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'd also like to meet you in person, in order to discuss all issues pertaining to your assignment to this Squadron in detail, and to have a direct assessment of your ships and crews (Captain Omar, since I'll be with the Attar at the rendez-vous between the Lexington and the Valley Forge, we'll meet on that occasion).
Safe journeys.


Captain Andrej A. Timoreev,
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Attar
Commanding Officer, Libra Squadron, 38th Fleet