TO: CAPT Pryce, J. | SUBJ: Your Chief Engineer

To: CAPT Pryce, J. (@Nimitz)
CC: -
From: CAPT Holmes, A.
Subj: Your Chief Engineer


May I first begin by welcoming you to the 38th Fleet, and congratulate you on your posting. An original run Intrepid is a fine vessel and I hope she serves you well.

While looking over the subnet I noticed the history of your vessel, in particular the restoration efforts by your current Chief Engineer. It made for interesting reading and that work would have been very useful in the 80s (although I’m sure more recent transporter advancements had a portion to play as well).

Over the past few years, the Dallas has been experimenting with refinements on our propulsion systems and we’re entering an aspect where we are being held back by manufacturing limitations and I’m wondering if the methods employed by your engineer may be useful or indeed just the solution we need.

With your permission I would like for our respective engineers to meet and investigate a path forward.

With warm regards,

Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
USS Dallas