TO: CAPT Timoreev, A.; SUBJ: Repository Investigation Tasking

Stardate 93748.5

TO CAPT Timoreev, A.
CC <Starfleet Command>; RADM Perim
FROM VADM Iryj Krvhn
SUBJ Repository Investigation Tasking

Captain Timoreev,

I am tasking your command with further investigation into the repository and its inhabitants, reported in this AAR.

This repository is intriguing and I would like to understand any connection to Species 2492. Additionally, saving the trapped research team should be paramount, but safety of personnel must not be further risked, hastily.

Please inquire if you need further guidance.

VADM Iryj Krvhn

Vice Admiral
38th Fleet 'Argo'
BH1Pd8X.pngTO: VADM I. Krvhn
FROM: CAPT A. A. Timoreev, U.S.S. Attar
STARDATE: 93750.3
SUBJECT: Repository Investigation Tasking

I've read the report with keen interest, and I agree with your assessment that further investigation is needed. In this sense, I believe it may be possible to divert some Libra assets from protection patrols against possible incursions of Species 2492 to investigate the Repository and its content, particularly now that the Gemini Squadron has also been deployed in our support, and that we've received a new vessel.
As such, I'll assign one of our Task Forces to the task.
I'll keep you appraised on this.


Captain Andrej A. Timoreev,
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Attar
Commanding Officer, Libra Squadron, 38th Fleet