TO: CAPT Varley | SUBJ: Letter of thanks

Security Level 1 - Open

| TO | CAPT Varley, L
| CC |
| FROM | CMDR Legrasse, H
| SUBJ | Letter of thanks

Dear Captain Varley,

I am writing to thank you for your helpfulness and kindness in assigning me to quarters fitted out with a private kitchen and I assure you that the gesture is much appreciated. I regret that I have not had the time or the opportunity to thank you in person and so am writing this message. I would also like to let you know how much the gesture has had helped me make myself at home on Star Base 13, even though, unfortunately, I have so far been unable to obtain the necessary materials to make the best use of my quarter’s cooking facilities. No officer or enlisted person I have spoken to in the requisitions department has been able to provide me with fresh ingredients with which to prepare my meals and all have given me a waiting time of weeks. This, I am afraid, is to me quite the bother, so I would also like to ask a further kindness of you in pointing me toward anyone you know who would be able to help me in the procuerment o the necessary materials for my culinary endeavours.

Looking forward to your reply and extending again my most sincere gratitude.

Best regards,

Commander Hercule Porphyre Legrasse
Science Department
Deep Space 13