TO: CDT Tierno; | SUBJ: Inappropriate Conduct

Stardate 94049.5

TO CDT R. Tierno, DS 13 Academy Annex
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop, U.S.S. Endeavour

SUBJ Inappropriate Conduct



I am writing to inform you that your actions on Stardate 94049.1 were inappropriate and not what we expect from Starfleet officers. Whilst wearing the uniform, both on and off duty, you are representing Starfleet and your actions should be respectful of that fact.

It is not mine, nor Starfleet's business to interfere with private relationships. It does become our business when you decide to "cuddle up and make out" with a senior officer in the middle of the Event Horizon Bar. Furthermore, you decided to sit on top of the bar, an action that we do not even expect five-year-olds to do. I was informed by the bartender that the cost to replace the now corrupted bartop was rather high, a cost I do not think you would have been able to pay.

I am not taking this any further, but I will inform you that Commander Ailes has been informed about her own officer's conduct and should she wish to pursue this matter further, I will not be standing in her way. You had better think about your actions and be mindful next time you decide to bring your private life into the public sphere.

Should you wish to get in contact with me about this incident, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. We are here to help you become a fine young officer. I do not wish to see any further incidents of this nature on your record which I will be monitoring often.



Captain Dr Samuel Alexander Bishop
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour,
38th Fleet, Libra Squadron - Task Force Justice Lead