TO: CMDR Mandra, A. | SUBJ: Congratulations

To: CMDR Mandra, A. (@Master_Dex)
From: CAPT Zarath, T.
Subj: Congratulations


I was very happy to hear your appointment as Chief Science Officer of DS13, the role suits you well and I’m sure you’ll do great things with it.

I realise during my tenure as the Starbase Chief Science Officer we may have had some disagreements, and I had tough calls to make with orders to prioritise military application over the discovery and pursuit of the inquisitive natures of science, issues which ultimately led to my resignation of the role. I hope you are not pressured with similar conditions.

I and the Cassini crew are looking forward to working with your department in the coming future to further Starfleet’s mission of exploration and scientific inquiry within this region of space.

Tellara sh’Zarath
Commanding Officer,
USS Cassini


To: CAPT Zarath, Tellara (@Moose)
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: Re: Congratulations


It means a lot that you reached out actually. Like you said, there was some friction back then, but I don’t ultimately blame you for a lot of that. I know others that worked under me at the time, who later left as well, might have been less forgiving. Like you said, it had a lot to do pushes from command at the time and it was a direction a lot of were not happy with. I to this day have reason to suspect I was originally removed from the post for other reasons, but I admit I likely wouldn’t have been as likely to accept some of the requested changed from them as well so I can respect that as one reason they changed things.

That is officially though, just my musing on the subject and I respect that you chose to leave apparently as a result. I actually didn’t know much about your departure at the time. I hope to not be pressured by command to do things I think are not within the proper scope of the departments research abilities (aside any other applications beyond warfare such research might have that is useful). I’ll keep your words in mind as encouragement to avoid that, but I feel optimistic for now at least.

I actually enjoy the idea of co-op projects with ships and would gladly welcome any with Cassini or others that you might think of, so feel free to contact me if you come across anything with which you feel our resources on station can help.

Alina Mandra
Science Department Chief,
Deep Space 13

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