To: Cmdr. Morisette Subj: USS Attar

TO Cmdr. Morisette
FROM Captain Levesley

During your period of leave Captain Timoreev has seen fit to appoint me as his Executive Officer until your eventual return.
Subsequently I was hoping I could get a run down of anything I should know whilst serving as his XO: certain times he likes to receive morning briefings, how he likes the staff briefings to run etc.

Hopfully you can furnish me with enough information to ensure that the transition into the role and my time on board is as smooth as possible.

Captain William Levesley
Acting XO, USS Attar
Stardate 95079.4

TO CAPT W. Levesley, U.S.S. Attar
FROM CMDR S. Morisette, U.S.S. Attar


Yes, Capt. Timoreev had briefed me about his decision, and I'm more than glad to provide advise to my substitute. So, allow me to tell you: good luck.
I was joking, of course (forgive my bad sense of humour, it has been a while since I last had the chance of taking a leave, it's clear).
Jokes apart, Capt. Timoreev is a true creature of habit, though not so inflexible as to not accept changes when they happen: usually he receives a report from the officer in charge of the night shift immediately before breakfast, then, after it, he summons all senior officers for a brief overview of the incoming day (though not always, depending on the needs of the moment); however, it is very important for him to receive a detailed and comprehensive report of ship's status and activities by 1900 hours, which he uses to discuss during dinner (he loves to dine with his senior officers, and particularly with me, as his executive officer, so I'm sure he'll extend the 'honour', as he jokingly call him, to you as well).
This is more or less the standard routine. Be sure that immediately after a new situation will arise, he will request for a thourough staff briefing, so be ready for that: he has a strong attitude at consulting the senior officers for advises and suggestions whenever there is a need for them.
So, I hope to have been useful. However, should you have further doubts or whatever, feel free to contact me.

Best regards, and good luck.


Commander Sarah Morisette,
Executive Officer, U.S.S. Attar