TO: CMDR Samaras|Last Week.

To: Samaras, A. (@Sam )
From: CAPT Tungsten, D.
Subj: Last Week.


I’d have normally written much sooner, but I got the distinct impression you did not want to hear from me right away, and that would rather defeat the purpose of talking to you. I do hope this message will be more welcome with some time having passed.

We have had an unfortunate misunderstanding here. My comments in the lounge were interpreted by you as a lack of faith in your abilities in your duties, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t say that as an excuse, but only as the affirmation I perhaps should have included in the moment. Even if my intent was quite different, my words have clearly caused harm, and therefore, the fault is mine. I am truly sorry that I have caused you pain, and I will work harder to choose my words more carefully in the future.

Whether you forgive me for that or not is your choice, but at the very least, I do hope that you will understand that you are not doubted. Our interactions have been few, but I have been impressed with the officer that I have seen in you, and I do believe the Endeavour is fortunate to have you as First Officer.

Captain Drake Tungsten
Commanding Officer,
USS Dragon

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