To: Doctor Soa'Lindresko; From: LT Car; Subject: Joka System

Doctor Soa'Lendresko,

We heard about the unfortunate outcome of your engagement with the Bolian freighter captain. How tragic, but at least you were able to talk to him beforehand.

I decided to go ahead and look up the system he mentioned, the Joka System. It's located near the Sirius-Eta Eridani sector boundary along the edge of the main trade route leading to K-7. They system is uninhabited and so filled with rocky debris that travel though it is generally not advised. However, every four years a system comet called 54-G plunges through the rocky debris, creating a short-cut through the system that some trade ships will use. As you can guess, this is currently occurring in the system. We think that is likely what the Bolian captain was referring to.

I've attached the coordinates for the system to this message. Maybe you can find the signal that the freighter captain was talking about in the system?

Good luck,
Lieutenant Jr Grade Nashi Car
K-7 Ops officer

((So the next mission is Going Quietly is a foundry mission called: [GQ2] - Hide and Seek - TFA and can be currently found under Review Content. Coby, feel free to do this mission whenever and with whomever you like, I just need an AAR when its done to determine what was found and what the next part is. If anyone is interested in this, its a story arc that Coby is playing out, but I am GMing. Get in contact with either of us if you would like to partake. ))
(( I wouldn't mind being part of this if it happens in my timezone. ))