TO: <DS13/Counseling> | SUBJ: Clarification on station department head changes


TO <DS13/Counseling>
SUBJ Clarification on station department head changes

Hello, all.

Just as a brief update, as we all know, station ranks are undergoing a lot of changes this week due to newly appointed Department Heads. For those who are concerned or confused, we are the only department unaffected; Lieutenant Commander Sedai remains the counseling DH and will resume her duties as expected when she returns from leave on Monday.

In the meantime, please take advantage of the current slow period to continue getting all your workspaces in order. We're expecting personnel transfers from other departments to sharply ramp up soon, which will give us all a little more to do.

On that note, if anyone might be interested in working on the Variety Show committee, please come by my office to sign up.

LCDR Cedano
Senior Counselor
Deep Space 13