TO: FCAPT Perim; SUBJ: Science Fair Winners

TO: Fleet Captain Perim
CC: ~
FROM: CMDR Everhart
SUBJ: Science Fair Winners


It's that time of year again. As you well know, we hold an annual science fair for our children aboard the station. Lieutenant William Nye did another fantastic job of organizing and hosting the event in cargo bay four. I continue to be impressed with our youth's talent and ingenuity. To make your job easier I'll include a list of the winners and their projects so you have some info to call on during the tour, which the kids are really looking forward to. Deck 31 was a big hit last year.


Age Group: 13-14 Years Old
Winner: Jeremy Lancaster, 13 (Human, Male)
Experiment: Zero-Gravity capillary action in flora from Sisrt II.

Age Group: 11-12 Years Old
Winner: Sirte Hisitor, 11 (Trill, Female)
Experiment: Mid-length solar exposure on elastic fabrics.

Age Group: 9-10 Years Old
Winner: Arev, 10 (Vulcan, Male)
Experiment: Prime number fractalization patterns for data encryption.

Quite the impressive array of experiments. If at all possible a tour stop that fits with each of their experiments would be greatly appreciated. A word of caution, do keep an eye on young Arev if you stop by the server rooms. He's demonstrated a knack for advanced system infiltration. Wherever you end up going it's something those three will remember for years.


Commander Everhart
Chief Science Officer
Deep Space 13