TO: FCPT. N. Perim SUB: Where's my medal?

TO: FCPT. N. Perim
FROM: Daimon Korpur
SUBJECT: Where's my medal?

Most gracious salutations!

I've heard that there has been an award ceremony recently yet I don't recall receiving an invitation. I've checked my personal terminal several times but didn't find one. A slight oversight perhaps but what isn't an oversight is that I was not given a medal! I do not need to remind you that the Ferengi Alliance was a partner in the Alliance and not only funded the building of multiple starships for the Alliance but even participated in the final battle of the Iconian war in which I myself was present at. I don't want to brag but my ship single handily defeated multiple Herald ships and even repelled a boarding attempt!

I know it's not the Starfleet way but I'm more than willing to purchase a medal or two, provided it has the proper paper work. Please advise.

Daimon Korpur
Treasury Guard, Ferengi Alliance.