TO: GEN-CMDR Rellir | SUBJ: Request of investigation about missing ships

TO GEN-CMDR Rellir I-Ra'Tleihfi T'Lhaihtrha
CC - - - - -
SUBJ Loss of contacts with the R.R.W. T'Llairr annd the R.R.W. Lykara and request of investigation

Security level 2: Restricted

Jolan'tru Khre'Riov,
I'm deeply concerned about the loss of contacts with two of our vessels in the last hours: the R.R.W. T'Llaiir and the Lykara. Considered the recent events that took place in the sector, both the vessels could had been victim of attacks from the unknown aliens known as Species 2492 or, more improbable, from one of the numerous pirate factions operating in the area.
I'm requesting the permit to leave the orbit of Deep Space 13 and move to the last positions of our vessels to investigate.
Awaiting orders,

Commander Lovoran J'Tak Tholoan
Commanding officer, R.R.W Iurret
Republic Detachment, 38th Fleet

TO CDR Tholoan
SUBJ Loss of Contact

Jolan Tru,

Your concern is noted and is appreciated in a Warbird Commander of this Detachment. The T'Llairr and Lykara have reestablished contact and an investigation is underway. Please contact the Commander of the RRW Myrmidon and have your crews begin to research possible defenses against the viral attacks happening to the Detachment Warbirds.

Khre'Riov Rellir i-Ra’tleihfi t’Lhaihtrha
Commander-General RRF Detachment, 38th Fleet