TO: LT CMDR Kozath, FROM: LT COMDR Helena Rhal

TO: LT CMDR Kozath, Chief of SecurityFROM: LT CMDR Helena Rhal, ACSec

BH1Pd8X.pngSUBJECT: Catch up briefing
STARDATE: 92214.7


As your newly appointed Assistant Chief of Security I wanted to touch base and get caught up to speed with the current security situation on Deep Space 13. Please let me know when it is most convenient for you to meet.

One thing I'd like to mention already, at yesterday's Staff Meeting there was talk from Ops regarding an upgrade of the base's shield emitters, which is something I'd like us to get involved in. I will be very happy to liaise with them on this and it is perhaps something we could discuss in our meeting.

Helena Rhal
Lieutenant Commander
Assistant Chief of Security