To: Lt. CMDR Loxton, Nick | From: ENS Sovum, Veneela | Subj: Risa

To: Lt. CMDR Loxton, Nick
From: ENS Sovum, Veneela
Subj: Risa

I hope this message finds you in good health, and willing from the cluthces of any turbolifts. I’ve been thinking about you the last few days as my tour aboard the Endeavour comes to an end and I make preparations to join up with Captain Nimitz after Risa for my clinicals aboard the Pegasus. As such I asked Captain Mirazuni for an additional two days off, just so we could spend some time together. I’m unsure how much leave you’ve accrued, but if you can make it I just booked a Bungalo off the main strip, away from Argo’s reservations. Attached you will find all the details needed to present to the lady at the front desk to get a key.

Hope to see you soon,

ENS.Veneela Sovum
U.S.S Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// Risa_Reserve_Confirmation.ext


To: ENS Sovum, Veneela
From: LCDR Loxton, N
Subj: RE: Risa


I shall forward a message to the chief to get an extra couple of days but I think it shouldn’t be a problem. A bungalow sounds perfect! I hope it’s one high enough for an executive turbolift! I’ll finish up the work I have here and make preparations to join you on Risa!

See you soon!

P.S. I was totally joking about the turbolift. You believe me, right?


Nick Loxton
Security Department
Deep Space 13