TO: LT CMDR Valore

To: LT CMDR Valore (@Valore
From: LT CMDR Carter, T’Pemi
Subj: Congratulations


I have just heard that you got promoted and I wanted to send my congratulations. May you continue to see success in your career going forward.

Ok, I also need to level with you, I had an ulterior motive for sending this message. If I may use some of the bluntness so common to our kind I know our relationship, if you can call it that, hasn’t been the most civil, and I wanted to apologize up front that a lot of that has been me and on my stubborn pride, and I just wanted to apologize for that.

Now that we’re both rising closer to command rank, it’s possible we may have to work together more often, and I for one would rather that said relationship be as cordial as possible. I am not asking specifically to become friends, nor do we have to deliberately spend time outside of work with one another, but I am asking that perhaps we both put our past behind us and try to move forward with a clean slate? What do you say?

Lieutenant Commander T’Pemi Carter
Supervisor, Maintenance and Repair Operations
Deep Space Thirteen Shipyard


To: LCDR Carter, T. (@siskofan1991)
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: RE: Congratulations

Lieutenant Commander,

Your request is granted.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty