TO: Mrian t'Illiahlae; SUBJECT: Trian

TO: Scmdr. Mrian t'Illiahlae
FROM: [adress corrupted]
SUBJ: Trian

:: Rho Sigma 5 Encryption ::

Subcommander, it was hard work to get any useful data on trian. The empire does not like spies on its borders.
Attatched to this message you will find everything my agents could find like personnel numbers, duty shifts, patrol routes, planned ship transfers and the blueprints of the main command center as well as the exact locations of the local comunications network relays.

I also managed to dig up further information on the officers responsible for the planetary defense grid. If you wish i can have them terminated at the begin the invasion. If you think that this course of action is to, extreme, i can also attempt to blackmail them.


- Trian data package
TO: Akhiy
FROM: Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae


You may blackmail the officers and personnel on the planet, other actions that benefit our cause are permitted. If you wish to use acts of war or fear, feel free to do so at your own discretion. You will be commended.


Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Commander Officer R.R.W. Caelis
Republic Federation Detachment
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'