TO: RADM Perim, SUBJ: Updated AAR Format

Security Level 1 - Open

CC 38th Fleet Command
FROM LtCdr Jal'Shan
SUBJ Updated AAR Format

RADM Perim,

I have completed my format changes to form A-1253-R the After Action Report. You can find the updated format changes within the computer databank here:

Updated AAR Format V1

Rather than receive the obvious accommodation that would come with such extremely award-worthy work, I would receive the most reward in knowing that the new format is being used by command for the betterment of the fleet. The lives that this will likely save, is reward enough for the endeavor.

LtCdr Jal'Shan

Corsanolith Jal'Shan
Lieutenant Commander
Administration Staff
38th Fleet 'Argo'

((OOC: so we made some updates to the AAR format that we hope will make it easier for people to fill in the necessary details, as well as help the command team (both IC and OOC) sort through the information so as to help the story as necessary. The addition of the "Recommendation" section is intended to be especially helpful for IC story movement. The format has been updated, including a code box for easy cut-paste. Please let us know if you have any questions.))