TO: RDML Bishop | SUBJ: Clarifications

To: RDML Bishop, S.
From: CAPT Timoreev, Andrej A.
Subj: Clarifications

I will be blunt: what the hell is happening? I just received your new orders and the news about the Klingons. Is the situation really so serious?
Anyway, I’m writing to you also to ask for a clarification concerning the new situation: since Taurus is being re-deployed to face the issues that may emerge from the new developments, according to your orders, how will this affect the other squadrons? Specifically, will it have any impact on our most recent exploration and scientific activities?
I’m sorry to bother you with these questions, but…this whole situation is concerning.

P.S.: I’m sure you’ll be terribly busy these days but, in case you are free and see the Attar orbiting around the starbase or docked, consider it automatically as an invitation to come on board for lunch or dinner and try the new Russian recipes I managed to program into the replicators.

Best regards

CAPT Andrej A. Timoreev
Commanding Officer,
USS Attar


To: CAPT Timoreev, A
CC: ~~
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: RE: Clarifications


You know as much as I do. Libra and Gemini squadrons will be continuing their exploration and scientific patrols for now, though some captains may wish to lend their efforts on the border.

I will see about dinner.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’