TO: RDML Bishop | SUBJ: Request

To: RDML S. Bishop, 38th Fleet
From: CAPT A. A. Timoreev, U.S.S. Attar
Subj: Request

I am sure you have read the recent report concerning the analysis of the data we collected on our first visit to the anomaly we intercepted in the Kelterre Sector, POI K-2340, so you also know by now that our first analyses have proven inconclusive.
However, one thing emerged clearly: we need more ships. I spoke with Capt. Mirazuni, and she was confident the Endeavour could join us in our next effort, so I’m writing to you to ask for the official authorization for this undertaking.
With a bit of luck, we may finally find out what is that…object.
See you soon

Andrej A. Timoreev
Commanding Officer,
USS Attar

P.S.: I have just received a new shipment from Earth and something makes me think you may like to accept my invitation for a dinner on board the Attar in the next days.

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To: CAPT Timoreev, A
CC: ~~
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: RE: Request


You are free to use whatever ships necessary to achieve your task. I only ask for timely report submissions. You may wish to speak with Captain Bahieh, as Gemini Squadron Lead.

I would love to join you for dinner; consider my curiosity piqued.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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