TO: RDML Konieczko; CMDR s'Vesta; LCDR Sedai; CAPT Aloran; LT ch'Havran | SUBJ: Reporting in

Security Level 1 - Open

TO RDML Konieczko; CMDR s'Vesta; LCDR Sedai; CAPT Aloran; LT ch'Havran
CC CAPT Quint; CMDR Six of Nine
SUBJ Reporting In

I am writing to inform you of my discharge from the Axiom's Medical facilities. I have included all of you for several reasons.

CMDR s'Vesta, the memory recovery was a success. As such, I have gained extensive knowledge of the Scryer Network operations for the Cell I was part of. You will no doubt want to debrief me as soon as possible.

LCDR Sedai, due to the nature of these memories and the fact that they have been awoken quickly, I believe a full psychological re-evaluation is in order. I would like JAG to be included in this and the Debrief, since the nature of this information is troubling. This is why I am including CAPT Aloran in this message.

CAPT Quint, I would prefer to keep CMDR Six of Nine in command of the USS Kassandra until the debrief and re-evaluation has been concluded to everyone's satisfaction. As I have been informed she has been doing a commendable job, so I see no reason to rush back.

I will remain aboard USS Axiom for the time being but am at your disposal for any questions and for scheduling the necessary meetings.
Captain Minabi Derix
CO USS Kassandra
Security Level 2 - Confidential


SUBJ RE: Reporting In


I apologize for the delay in response. Your message caught me by surprise and I took the time to check in with Lieutenant Commander Sedai before replying. We came to the understanding that you have concerns about the legality of actions undertaken during the period of memory loss. The length of time that had elapsed since that period surpasses the statute of limitations for almost every criminal action. For those crimes that lack such a statute your age at the time of the memory loss and the circumstances both at that time and since then free you of culpability. My concern is that you feel forced to share actions with me that you otherwise would not due to concerns about your career. Please rest assured that you are under no obligation to share those events with me. However, if you feel that sharing actions with me would help you come to terms I am available. Regardless of my presence Lieutenant Commander Sedai will ensure a counselor is available for you.

Captain Esca Aloran
Judge Advocate