To: Risa Security & Starfleet Security, RE: Assault & Battery Report

Security Level 1 - Open

TO <Risa/Security>
CC <Starfleet Security, 38th Task Force Argo
FROM Cmdr. V'lol
SUBJ Assault & Battery Report

To Whom it May Concern,

An incident occurred during shore leave, which involved myself, and Lieutenant Commander Klaarna, in an altercation with the Dominion Vorta representatives Eiten, Kalris, and the Jem'Hadar soldier named Talak'fives.

The altercation in question involved Talak'fives choice of a fetish-inspired garment, to which the Vorta representatives objected. There was also mention from Talak'five about the Founders being 'false gods'. Talak'fives was ordered to the upstairs level by Kalris, where she proceeded to inflict physical punishment on the Jem'Hadar soldier.

Klaarna and myself could clearly hear Kalris mention a punishment for 'heresay', followed by strong blows to Talak'fives's body with a blunt instrument.

It was then Klaarna and I moved to the upstairs level to intervene, where we saw Vorta Kalris assault Talak'fives with a baton, while holding a device that appeared to inflict physical pain. I personally saw Vorta Eiten deploy her own baton and strike Jem'Hadar Talak'fives in the back of the knee.

It was at that point stepped in and verbally warned Kalris to stop, while the Jem'Hadar took Eiten's weapon.

Outnumbered, the Vortas used a transporter to leave the scene.

It is our displeasure to witness such cruelty towards their own soldiers. Klaarna and I are more than willing to bear witness in court if charges are pressed.

Commander V'lol
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pegasus