TO: TFA Command (Re: Diplomatic Visit)

TO: Task Force Argo Command
FROM: T'Arya, 26th Fleet Diplomatic Liaison
CC: Task Force Argo Personnel <ALL>, 26th Fleet <ALL>
SUBJECT: Re: Diplomatic Visit

Task Force Argo,

I am LTJG T'Arya, acting diplomat for Starbase 381. In just over three days time your Diplomatic Envoy, and the crew of your support vessels, are scheduled to arrive as part of your Starfleet wide familiarization tour - and to strengthen co-operation between our two stations.

We recently underwent a large transfer of staff from Starbase 381. Therefore, I will be your acting diplomatic liaison for your visit. If your envoy or senior staff have any questions or requests, please contact me at once.

Furthermore, if any of Task Force Argo who are attending have any dietary requirements, allergies or any other requests: please forward them to me; so we can accommodate them before-hand.

We look forward to your arrival.

Live long and prosper,

Lieutenant T'Arya, junior grade.
Acting Diplomatic Officer
26th Fleet, SB381