TO: VADL. Celes, FCAPT. Perim. SUB: U.S.S. Tavistock

TO: VADL. Celes, FCAPT. Perim.
CC: 38th Operations, CMDR. K. M'rella
FROM: CMDR. R. Brot'la
SUBJECT:U.S.S. Tavistock issues.


Prior to this message I wish to state that I have spoken with Commander M'rella about the U.S.S. Tavistock and have already told Fleet Captain Perim about the issue, but this is the formal report in writing about the issues of the U.S.S. Tavistock.

The Tavistock is a Sao Paulo class refit of the Defiant class vessel. The recent refit has however been rendered unusable due to the behavior of it's commanding officers. The vessel has been used in the Iconian war, which was a stressfull time, but now the vessel has been pushed beyond it's designed abilities. The defiant is a ship used in our defense, this means that we need to make sure it is in it's prime state. The captain however sees her duty to be that of a test pilot, pushing the vessel in a competition that she has with the other 'Q-ship' line of Defiants. A competition to be the fastest. A competition I personally find reckless usage of Starfleet materials and resources.

After her refit a full inspection was done, which has been attached to this report. The inspection stated that the vessel had been under extreme stress and was unable to be used until repairs had been done and the captain stopped stress testing a vessel build for combat and speed, instead of ship testing. We have a perfect organisation at Earth and Utopia Planitia for ship breaking and testing. I am under the assumption that 38th was not such a facility, after all, we are a forward outpost, not a place for designing ships and testing them, we simply do not have the equipment for such work. The continued stress on the Tavistock has bend the initial frame so much that the refitted parts had not time to embed themselves properly into the systems and now the vessel is rejecting the parts, making it so that the Tavistock had to be towed back by another vessel only a week prior to the time of writing.

As Chief engineer I suggest an auditing of Commander M'rella. I suggest that the Tavistock is brought back to her original design and I suggest that any further stressful operations is avoided for at least a duration of two months. Now, my ears and eyes aren't closed. I have noticed the Tavistock has an A.I. entity in it's computer that I personally had to find out during inspection. The creation of this A.I. is not only unsanctioned, but I deem it to be unstable. Therefor a team should work on educating the A.I. instead of the commander herself. As much as she sees herself as a Parent, a parent can not teach everything to child that it needs to know, therefor it requires teaching, this will have to be spoken about in person, however.

Besides from that, I believe any stress involving the vessel is not advisable for at least a period of a month, that is to say, after the replacement of the parts has been completed and the Tavistock is brought back to her original Defiant standards.


Commander Rix Brot'la
Chief Engineer of Deep Space Thirteen
Starbase attached to the the 38th Fleet
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