TO: VADL Rilem Celes SUBJECT: U.S.S. Axiom project cancelation

"Mutando Conservamus"
TO: Vice Admiral Rilem Celes
CC: Fleet Captain Neema Perim, VICCI,
FROM: Commander Rix Brot'la
SUBJECT:U.S.S. Axiom project Cancelation

Vice Admiral,

I have received the urgent request from the Corps of Engineers, located at San Francisco Fleet Operations Center, to hereby cancel the U.S.S. Axiom project where a ship is completely controlled by an artificial intelligence. The U.S.S. Axiom has proven that for the near future the sentient A.I. known as VICCI is incapable of controlling such a vessel due to several fatal errors in the projects fundamental systems.

Until further notice, the COE requests that you ground the ship and return the vessel to the docks so that it may be worked on in the future. This will create the ability for VICCI, technically a civilian, to receive instructions on federation standards and conduct. Until further notice my recommendation is to ground the vessel.

The corps of engineers thanks you.

Commander Rix Brot'la
Chief of the Engineering Department
Deep Space 13 - The 38th fleet Argo