To: VADM Amiri; Subj: TSTT Investigation Summary

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO VADM Amiri, E.
CC RDML Konieczko, D.
FROM LCDR Gira Moen, N.
SUBJ TSTT Investigation Summary

Admiral Amiri,

Below is the gathered information I have obtained regarding the investigation into TSTT and the 38th Fleet's involvement. Attached are the relevant AARs in which T'kug has either been mentioned or TSTT was affiliated.

TSTT or Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch is a corporation with multiple companies joining into it. It's portfolio is what one might consider "diversified" at the very least. It runs everything from prisons to animal conservation organizations. One of its main activities is trade and transport. Attached is a file regarding the TSTT.

There have been a number of incidents involving ships bearing the TSTT emblem, including an attack on the U.S.S. Zulu. During this attack, the main ship hailed our starships and the captain introduced himself as T'kuq. While this information is not included in the main report, I have interviewed Captain Nimitz regarding the events leading up to the situation we are in now.

T'kuq is also implicated in a pirate raid that the U.S.S. Valley Forge conducted some months back, when they encountered what appeared to be former Branded Lady operatives now working for T'kuq.

The investigation is unclear as to how detailed Commander Phoenix and Captain Nimitz had become, but the implication that they somehow hounded him to his suicide is unlikely. There was a captured pirate Captain they interrogated--report attached--and he claimed T'kuq wasn't just in charge of Trade Security for TSTT, he was heading up their covert pirate operations.

The actual connection between TSTT and the pirates should be investigated further, but more importantly, the death of T'kuq should be clarified, so that we can release information to clear us of any implication in his perceived suicide.

Lieutenant Commander Gira Moen Niya
Public Affairs Officer, 38th Fleet

//ATTACHMENT// Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch.doss
//ATTACHMENT// AARPirateEncounter.log
//ATTACHMENT// AARZuluRescue.log
//ATTACHMENT// AARHereTodayGornTomorrow.log
//ATTACHMENT// AARPirateRaidIntercept.log
//ATTACHMENT// AARTSTTPrisonerQuestioningResults.log
Security Level 2 - Confidential

CC RDML Konieczko, 38th/JAG
SUBJ RE: Investigation

Lieutenant Commander,

Great work compiling this information. Command will start sorting this out. We may have a statement for you to release at a later date, so be prepared for that eventuality.

Vice Admiral Enzian Amiri
Commanding Officer, 38th Fleet