Trade Route 528



Starfleet command has tasked Task Force Argo and the Zenas Expeditionary Force with providing freighter escort along trade route 528.

The trade route leads from Deep Space Station 515, though Cardassian space, though Deep Space Nine then on through the alpha quadrant to the Aldebaran Sector in the beta quadrant and terminates at Deep Space Thirteen. Travel times can vary from several days to weeks depending on the warp factor of ships involved, as well as the use of the Transwarp link between Deep Space Thirteen and Deep Space Nine.


All ships conducting freighter escort or trade route security patrol are to check in with both stations during operations to ensure combined oversight can be maintained.

Starfleet Command

((TF Argo friends,

I am pleased to announce the continuing joint story arc between TF Argo and ZEF called Trade Route 528. The idea behind this arc is to allow for members from both fleets to visit each other's starbases, and allow for RP interaction between the fleets. This arc is not designed to have specific planned events going on at scheduled times, and then wait dormant for the GM to advance it. Rather, the idea is for this to be a "hook" for anyone to actively RP between the fleets.

Players can use the trade route escort hook to visit the other starbase as well as plan their own escort missions along the trade route.

To contact the DS13 side IC please use ARGO-DS13 chat channel.
And to contact the ZEF side IC please use the ZEF-DS515 chat channel.

For IC communications, please use the ARMADA chat channel.

Of note, time travel along this trade route should be taken into consideration. It could take a freighter travelling at lower warp several weeks to make the full journey. Clearly access to slipstream and the TWGs allow Federation quick reaction vessels to get to emergencies in a hurry, and we will always travel at the speed of plot to support RP, but simply "popping over" to DS515 IC for the afternoon, then coming back should considered not an IC action. We're definitely not trying to limit RP here, just making sure we all understand the IC travel times that would exist, and trying to add a bit of depth to our RP stories.

Please keep in mind that when visiting another fleet's starbase to adhere to their policies for story restrictions. No blowing up the starbase core, or sneaking in changelings without their admin approval, etc.

If anyone has any questions on how this might work, please ask the admin team. For reference, I am having the Atlas conduct an escort IC starting this Thursday and going through next Friday if you want an example of a "longer term" how it might work. Obviously the ease of visiting just for the night, and not actually RPing out the travel time can be done was well.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this exciting new interfleet cooperation. Admins from both sides have been working hard to make this a success, and I for one am really excited to see how this develops.

TFA admins ))
(Could we perhaps RP, that instead of actively escorting freighters, we have ships running what would essentially be combat air (or space if you will) patrols? So basically they would run independent of the convoys, and insure that the space the trade route occupies remains secure from pirates or other scum from setting up ambush points or or perhaps even coordinated attacks, as well as provide reinforcements when necessary. This could be a possible way to explain how a ship could be at DS13 one day, and at DS515 the next, since they are traveling at faster warp speeds provided by the fact that they aren't escorting any slow moving freighters.]
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re DePoe: yes.

For the most part, everyone has flexibility regarding the actual length of time required to travel the route. The goal of this is to increase your opportunities for RP, not limit them in any manner at all. We have loosely defined the route as taking "a long time" when its being run by NPC freighters, but you should not feel required to use that as a measuring stick to math out your player ship route.

So as long as you're not going around claiming that your vessel deployed from DS13 this morning and thwarted a couple pirate ships near DS515 and then you came back to DS13 in time for lunch, you should be fine.

The important part is that you remain flexible when it comes to OTHER people choosing their travel times for the same route, we ALL have the same freedom in plot speed.
This is cool.
Sounds good. Thank you.
Question. Would this for instance mean for us Station folks that we could grab a shuttle and RP over there and say we came back the next day?
If you had a reason to take the shuttle, then perhaps. Another reason might be that you went on an NPC starship that was escorting freighter for <reason> and then you came back with them.

Totally open for any way folks can get out there to RP with them, as long as you can find an IC reason.
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Very well^^ Thank you for answering.