Transfer notification: Susan Collingwood

*Extracts from a letter recommending the transfer of LT Commander Susan Collingwood to the USS Somerset, the letter has been endorsed by two captain's Captain Coby Morton, and Captain Marcus Davenport*

After some consideration Susan Collingwood, acting captain of the Constitution class vessel, the USS Kingdom decided to step down from her position as captain.

LT Commander Collingwood had stated on multiple occasions in her personal logs that she felt unready for command of a starship.

This decision was supported by Captain Morton, and Captain Davenport on the grounds that she was unfit to handle command due to a severe lack of training and experience.

LT Commander Collingwood has been chosen to serve aboard the Galaxy class vessel USS Somerset as chief engineer, under the command of captain Mary Wigglesworth. The Somerset has taken over the Kingdom's patrol route, the age and fallibility of the Kingdom's hull and components making it unfit for duty.