U.S.S. Azorious hijacked! <Federation Newswire>

This is Hayashi Kinko reporting from Earth Space dock. We are receiving multiple reports that the newly refitted and repaired U.S.S. Azorious, an Excelsior retrofit cruiser, has been hijacked by forces unknown. Sources say sometime after thirteen hundred hours, the ship suddenly powered up and began moving out of Sol system. Nearby ships moved to intercept her, but were too late to prevent the ship from jumping to transwarp. Attempts to override the ship with command codes proved futile before the cruiser was out of range.
As yet no parties have come forward to claim responsibility for the hijacking. No staff is reported missing at this time, as repair crews had left the ship days before.
At this time Star Fleet command has declined to comment on the incident.
We will report any new findings as they surface.

This is Hayashi Kinko for Federation Newswire. Signing off.