U.S.S. Dan Daly (updated)


Name: U.S.S. Dan Daly
Registry : NCC-91032
Class: Defiant (Retrofit)
Role: Tactical Escort
Commissioned: 2388
Crew Compliment: ~50 (Currently 48)
Commander: Captain Kell Tanis
Etymology: Named for a United States Marine from the early 20th century who was awarded the Medal of Honor on two separate occasions


The modern retrofits of the Defiant-class vessels are approximately 20% larger than those initially deployed during the Dominion War. Additional systems bring the tactical escorts in line with current vessels many times their size. Sacrificing little in the way of speed and maneuverability, Defiant-class vessels in the 25th century are still more than capable of keeping up with strike frigates such as Birds of Prey, and now support the ability to field significantly more firepower and shielding. Like most modern vessels, the Defiant-class escorts are equipped with a number of modular components, allowing flexibility and on-the-fly adaptation to changing situations.


The addition of a science lab, previously lacking on the dedicated combat vessels, gives Defiant-class starships more versatility to perform a myriad of assignments rather than being relegated to a support role in non-combat situations.

For stealth or reconnaissance missions, the Dan Daly is equipped with a standard cloaking device similar in design to that used by the original Defiant. While not comparable with more modern cloaking systems, with proper power management, the Dan Daly can be made nearly invisible to outside detection.

The Dan Daly is outfitted with four standard phaser cannons and two linked heavy phaser cannons capable of punching a hole in the shields of all but the most fortified ships. Two torpedo tubes rigged with advanced auto-loaders enable rapid firing to take advantage of the damage caused by the ship's cannons. Cutting-edge targeting systems enable simultaneous firing solutions on up to five targets in small bursts. Tracking that many targets for longer than short bursts, however, overtasks the system as it continues to store and predict their movement and maneuvers, risking a overload of the system at inopportune times. The Dan Daly also features a number of defensive turret systems. Designed around the original phaser cannons, the turrets fire a rapid stream of phaser bolts. Primarily a defensive weapon, the phaser turrets are designed to be used for targeting incoming fighter craft or heavy projectiles as a point defense system, but can also be used in conjunction with the forward phaser cannons.


The Dan Daly is also equipped with advanced shield systems augmented by shielding algorithms provided by AG-21-8 facilities aboard Outpost Argo's dedicated shipyard facilities. These algorithms provide a 20% boost in shield efficiency over ships of the class with a similar configuration and assist in automatically redirecting shield power reactively.

Most interesting about the Dan Daly's unique configuration, is the large amount of reverse-engineered Borg systems integrated seamlessly into her design. Most obvious of which is a low-power replica of the famed Borg Cutting Beam. Utilizing a high power targeting laser, the coopted weapon focuses tremendous energy into a small point of exposed hull, rapidly cutting through plating and superstructure alike. If targeted properly, the beam can be used surgically against critical areas, turning a small penetration into a critical containment failure, eventually destabilizing entire sections of hull.


Utilized in conjunction, the Dan Daly's systems are configured to deal out maximum damage in a minimal amount of time, while maintaining a strong defense.

Modern systems enable fewer crew members to man and maintain the ship's systems, again adding to her flexibility. The Dan Daly is staffed with a complement of three full security teams, filling out over a quarter of her crew compliment, and is capable of acting as an assault vessel in situations where ground support is required.

While still a combat-centric vessel, the Dan Daly's raw power and flexibility make it a deadly addition to Task Forcs Argo.