U.S.S. Dan Daly

Name: Dan Daly
Registry: NCC-91032
Class: Defiant
Commissioned: 2388
Crew Compliment: ~50
Commander: Commander Jessica Williams (provisional)
Etymology: Named for a United States Marine from the early 20th century who was awarded the Medal of Honor on two separate occasions

U.S.S. Dan Daly at warp speeds

Service History:
2388: Commissioned after the end of the Dominion War (2373-2375) as a part of a massive effort to replace losses sustained during the war.
2388-2394: Assigned to the 5th Fleet for combat patrols of former Cardassian space for resurgent and holdout Cardassian and Dominon forces (see file for "True Way movement, post Dominion War") under the command of Commander D'tel.
2394-2399: Extended border patrols in the wake of increased sightings of Borg on the outskirts of Federation space and increased aggression from other races. Command transferred to Lieutenant Commander Frank Sorenson.
2399-2403: Active engagements of Borg advance parties probing Federation space. Tour commenced under the command of Commander G'jek Norel.
2403: Commander Norel is killed in action against pirate raiders. Lieutenant Sam Perez takes command for the remainder of the tour. Ship decommissioned for upgrades and repairs at end of tour.
2405-2409: Recommissioned under Lieutenant Commander Kell Tanis. Multiple engagements with Orion Raiders, Klingon dissidents, and Borg incursions beginning with the outbreak of the Federation-Klingon War (2405-current).
2409: Takes massive damage in an engagement with the Borg. Decommissioned and surviving crew reassigned.
2411: Salvaged and upgraded by Starfleet Special Operations Command by Vice Admiral Jerrick Dralon.
2411-current: Held in reserve for special tactical operations coordinated by SSOC.
2412: Temporarily assigned to Commander Jessica Williams for undisclosed assignment.

Damages sustained during battle with the Borg (2403)