U.S.S. Jeanne D'arc

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The U.S.S. Jeanne d'Arc was commissioned for design in the year 2410 to be part of the initial batch of experimental carriers under the classification ‘Jupiter’. This class designation has been used previously in reference to the similar dreadnought of the same name, but during 2410 the Jupiter dreadnaughts were almost all scrapped and as such the class name was transferred to a newer design. After years of planning, construction and testing a Jupiter class vessel was commissioned under the name U.S.S. Jeanne d'Arc on stardate 490108.8 to Captain Eloise DuPont, previous Commanding officer of (name), an older Miranda Class Frigate. U.S.S. Jeanne D’Arc was initially attached to 7th fleet stationed at Starbase 24 to support the Klingon borders.

For the most part Jeanne D’Arc was tasked with averting pirate raids, assisting KDF forces in securing trade routes across their borders and showing off Starfleet’s superior technology. During such operations the fighters aboard the Jeanne d'Arc would often spread out on the sides of the vessel giving it the appearance of having wings. This was later used in combat to intimidate enemy crew. The manoeuvre made the ship look far more massive, yet during actual combat the wings would separate into squadrons of fighters.

The Jeanne D’Arc was part of the reinforcements to Mol'Rihan. Arriving slightly later than most of the fleet due to a pressing pirate issue the vessel arrived to a full-on combat zone. The fighters on board the carrier made a remarkable effort against the boarding attempts of the Herald forces and were part of eliminating several key systems on the Herald ships. After the battle Jeanne D’Arc had to return to Utopia Planitia fleetyards for extensive servicing. This newer design was not well implemented into fleet tactics at the moment of the Herald first strike.

Jeanne D’Arc took further damage during subsequent battles, the Battle of Cait, the Relief of Qo'nos, the Raid on Andoria and the battle of Kassae III. The jerry-rigging of the vessel made it unable to function properly after the last battle and it was placed in drydock for several weeks until the attack on Sol. As the seventh fleet was called upon to defend Sol, the Jeanne d'Arc was released from drydock and fighter pilots were scrambled to become part of their now famous wing manoeuvre.

During the defence of Luna most of Jeanne D’Arc’s Black Devils squadron fighters were lost to heavy Iconian fire. The handful that did survive were called back to the fighter bays for protection during the retreat towards Deep Space 9 along-side several other key vessels. After the battle of Sol Jeanne D’Arc was again put in for repair and remained at Utopia Planitia until several months later when it was cleared for duty and attached to the 38th fleet 'Argo' to help in the rebuilding of the Federation and the protection of its citizens.

Commanding Officers:
Commanding OfficerFirst OfficerChief EngineeringChief ScienceChief TacticalChief SecurityChief MedicalChief OperationsMACO Commanding officer
Eloise Océane DuPont
Human Female
Shrav Th'vivos
Andorian Male
Niss Nenat
Bolian Female
Captain of Engineering
Theoban Dors
Human Male
Lieutenant Commander
Helena Rhal
Trill (Joined) Female
Lieutenant Commander
Taan Silik
Suliban Male
Lieutenant Commander
Wallied Alvarez
Human Male
Lieutenant Commander
Klingon Female
Aunrol Zala
Trill (Unjoined) Female
MACO Colonel

Other Notable Crew:
BotanistMACO52nd Fighter Squadron 'Black Devils' Leader
Alicia Carine Andersson
Human Female
Ariel Cash
Human Female
Second Lieutenant
Katariina Ilta Juutilainen
Human Female
Lieutenant Commander

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