U.S.S. Sentinel U.S.S. - 93859

Name: U.S.S. Sentinel

Class: Heavy Escort Carrier. Modified Armitage / Akira Prototype.

Standard Crew Compliment: 300 General Star Fleet. 25 Small Ship Pilots. Small MACO Team.

Registry: U.S.S.-93859

Manufatured: Utopia Planitia Shipyards

Power Plant: One 1,500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; dual impulse system for combat redundancy.

Dimensions: Length, 525.43 meters; beam, 350.67 meters; height, 95.43 meters.

Mass: 3,225,000 metric tonnes.

Performance: Warp 9.8 for 20 hours.

Armament: High Output Phaser Cannons, Rear facing High Output Phaser Turrets., Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo launchers, Kinetic cutting beam.

Fighter Compliment: Accommodates up to ten small fighters or five Runabout size support craft.

Experimental Features: High Output Phaser capabilities. Long Range Subspace command array. Integrated real time astrometrics.


U.S.S. Sentinel is designed as a in - field command hub for deep space or extended operations coordination. The newest technology has been implemented in it's long range command buoy, located between the nacelles, atop the main strut.


This state of the art addition allows the Sentinel to operate in the field, but serve as a long range command and coordination vessel for a wide range of operations. The sensor and subspace technology used allow the ship to communicate with several other vessels in near real time, as well as receiving up to date sensor outpost information from extreme ranges including telemetry and astrometrics. This effectively allows for more real time reaction and coordination between the ship and it's allies.


As seen here, a dual Impulse system has been installed to increase battlefield redundancy. If the saucer set is taken offline, power is rerouted to backup units located to the rear of the primary strut.


Previously, ships designed for coordination and command have been more vulnerable to attack, dedicating themselves to a support role. Star Fleet has sought to give this important coordination tool "teeth" of it's own. The Sentinel has been equipped with every possible battlefield advantage that could be afforded to it's size, while trying to retain maneuverability. A full compliment of experimental wide angle Quantum torpedoes as well as high output phaser cannons have been implemented on the Escort Carrier. The ship can also berth up to ten fighters or five larger support shuttles to aid in defending the command ship.

The U.S.S. Sentinel is one of a small number of new Heavy Escort Carriers designed for the current conflict - ridden climate that have begun service in select sectors of space that are deemed remote or particularly sensitive, such as outskirt outposts or trade routes. It is Star Fleet's hope that a more robust, adaptive command and coordination ship will help alleviate pressure on already strained star base patrols and resources.


Gideon turns off the PADD and sighs. Seems Star Fleet had decided to go ahead with the project. What it didn't say was that Outpost Argo had been selected for the berth of this particular ship. Between the recent aggressions against nearby bases, and the staggering amount of raids taking place on supply routes, Gideon really wasn't surprised. What puzzled him was why they had picked him of all people to command this new experimental ship. He would do it of course, he'd spent his whole life fighting to defend those who couldn't. He just hoped he would manage to not screw up this time....