U.S.S. Toronto

U.S.S. Toronto may refer to:
· U.S.S. Toronto NCC-1239, Constitution-class
· U.S.S. Toronto NCC-91006-A, Excelsior refit-class

U.S.S. Toronto (Constitution)

The U.S.S. Toronto was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser which served Starfleet from the mid-23rd century to the early 24th century. Over the course of her more than fifty years of service she conducted seven five year exploration tours, participated in the Constitution refit program of the late 2260's, provided protection to civilian freighters as a convoy escort, and was, towards the end of her life, refitted to service as a tug. After decommission, the Toronto was delivered to Surplus Depot Z15 in the Qualor system, where it continues to reside.


Commanding Officers
· Captain Christopher Williams (2256-2276)
· Captain Donna Noble (2276-2280, KIA)
· Commander, Captain Owen Harper (2280-2291)
· Captain Toshiko Sato (2291-2309)
· Lieutenant Commander Mickey Smith (2309-2313)

U.S.S. Toronto (Excelsior)

The U.S.S. Toronto (NCC-91006-A), originally the U.S.S. Frolovo (NCC-91006), is an Excelsior-class advanced heavy cruiser in active service to Starfleet. It is the second Federation starship to carry the name. In the thirteen short years since her redesignation, exemplary performance by the crews of the Toronto have served to create a reputation for the vessel as a front line battleship, with noted victories in large-scale conflicts with both the Klingon Empire and the Borg.

The U.S.S. Frolovo was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in late-2384 on stardate 61684.4.

Instability in the Romulan Star Empire fueled expectations of armed conflict amongst officials in Starfleet Command, prompting the rapid expansion of the fleet and ship designs such as the Excelsior-class to be re-imagined with a greater emphasis on combat over scientific exploration. The Frolovo maintained patrols on the Romulan Neutral Zone until the Hobus Event of 2387. Following Ambassador Spock's successful attempt to halt the expansion of the Hobus supernova, the Frolovo was amongst vessels assigned to provide assistance to survivors of the destruction of Romulus.
U.S.S. Frolovo launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome

On stardate 64464.9 the U.S.S. Frolovo responded to a distress call from the U.S.S. Fleming, but was intercepted en route by the Romulan miner Nero and his ship, the Narada. A battle ensued, during which the Frolovo suffered extensive damage and casualties, forcing her to retreat. She limped back to Starbase 39, where she was ordered out of service pending a complete refit. Captain Rurik Borzakov would later succumb to injuries suffered during the attack. Due to fallout from the Hobus event, the refit suffered numerous, repeated delays, and it would be four years before the Frolovo saw active service again.

By 2391 Starfleet was under increased pressure from civilian authorities to provide additional protection to freighters operating Federation space lanes. Facing a shortage of available vessels, Starfleet Command prioritized the Frolovo's refit and placed the vessel back on active duty as soon as it was spaceworthy. In addition to the refit of its hull, however, the ship had undergone a series of retrofits as various technological advances had been instituted over the course of its extended stay in drydock. The patchwork manner in which these retrofits had been applied resulted in system incompatibilities that plagued the ship with malfunctions over the course of its next seven years of service.

Through the 2390's the Frolovo alternated primarily between convoy escort duty and assisting in the construction of the Federation Transwarp Network. She also provided transport to admirals and diplomats for a variety of functions. It was during such an assignment, ferrying a mediator to the Klingon-Gorn peace talks of 2398, that the crew of the Frolovo uncovered the plot to assassinate Klingon Ambassador K'mtok. The assassination was successful despite their efforts to prevent it, and Captain Esther Drummond was amongst those killed by an explosive planted at the peace talks by the Klingon hardline group lead by Toral, son of Duras.

In late 2398, following the completion of the U.S.S. Enterprise's investigation into the assassination of Ambassador K'mtok, the Frolovo was scheduled for a complete retrofit to resolve the outstanding issues caused by its previous upgrades at Starbase 39, deemed a contributing factor in the crew's inability to prevent the attack. Most of her crew, including the senior officers, were reassigned to other postings.

Mid-2399, on stardate 76581.7, command of the Frolovo is officially transfered to Captain Rory Williams. At the request of Captain Williams, the Chief of Starfleet Operations grants special dispensation to change the vessel's name to Toronto in honour of his grandfather, Captain Christopher Williams, who commanded the U.S.S. Toronto from 2256 to 2276. The "A" suffix is thus added to the Frolovo's registry. Captain Williams would command the Toronto for ten years before being promoted to commodore and reassigned to Starfleet Command. The last four years of that time the ship served primarily in the Archanis Sector on the front line of the Klingon-Federation War.

Command of the Toronto transfered to Captain R'zo-vek on stardate 86440.6. She immediately began her new assignment as part of Task Force Omega operating to counter the Borg threat in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. On stardate 86607.3 she was among vessels dispatched from the task force to respond to a Borg attack on Starbase 82 where, by their efforts, Starfleet produced a decisive victory against superior Borg numbers. The battle would later be designated The First Battle of Starbase 82 and all participating officers awarded for their contributions.

In early 2410 vessels from Task Force Argo clashed with forces from the Klingon Empire's Strike Force Kargas near the Federation-Klingon border. During this engagement, the Toronto lead a small squadron on a covert operation that succeeded in retrieving Starfleet prisoners of war being held by Strike Force Kargas. Later that year the Toronto, along with other vessels under the banner of Task Force Argo, would unite with Strike Force Kargas to assault renegade forces operating under the command of Commandant Riles in the development of a weaponized starbase dubbed the Ussegssirr. The combined strength of Argo and Kargas was successful in destroying Commandant Riles' weapon before it could be deployed against populated worlds.

Command of the U.S.S. Toronto passed to Commander Sergio Sundman in late 2411 when Commodore R'zo-vek abandoned his post in an act of defiance against Admiral Jorel Quinn's decision to have Captain Timothy Dewey extradited to the Romulan Empire. Commander Sundman was later promoted to captain to formalize his position, however upon R'zo-vek's return and reinstatement as captain of the Toronto in mid-2412, he took voluntary demotion to return to his position of executive officer.

Currently, the U.S.S. Toronto serves as flagship of Task Force Argo's contingent on active duty in the Solanae Dyson Sphere.


Commanding Officers
· Captain Rurik Borzakov (2384-2387, KIA)
· Captain Esther Drummond (2391-2398, KIA)
· Commander Sabalom Glitz (2398-2399)
· Captain Rory Williams (2399-2409)
· Captain, Commodore R'zo-vek (2409-2411)
· Commander, Captain Sergio Porfirio Sundman (2411-2412)
· Captain R'zo-vek (2412-Present)

Command Crew under R'zo-vek
Executive/First Officer
Commander Daslor (2409-2410)
Commander Sergio Porfirio Sundman (2410-Present)

Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander Luther Jonah Niebergall

Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Wotazu Pram

Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Chourvo

Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Mat

Additional Personnel
Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sivul (2409-2411)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ile'gzov (2411-Present)

Lieutenant Ethan Knight (2411-Present)

Flight Controller
Lieutenant Junior Grade Aika Manion (2409-2410)
Ensign Ianok

Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Chassy Quaen
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