U.S.S. Urania (NCC-1621)



The second starfleet ship to bear the name, the Excelsior-class U. S. S. Urania was first commissioned in 2290 as a science and exploration vessel, bearing its Oberth-class predecessor's registry of NCC-1621. Her original mission was to chart gaseous anomalies in the Alpha Quadrant, a task which would have its corollary in the mission of the Excelsior in the Beta Quadrant. Following the conclusion of the Khitomer Peace Accords, the Urania was on the front line of the Federation's scientific endeavours in areas of space which had formerly been too dangerous for research missions.

By the mid-24th century, the Urania had been repurposed as a courier and diplomatic service ship, often involved in hosting ambassadorial delegations and negotiations. However, demand for the Urania's services began to wane with the increased availability of new ships with faster warp drives and better defensive capabilities. In 2365, the Urania was decomissioned and put into storage at Zakdorn Surplus Depot Z-15 to await scrapping. In the aftermath of Federation losses at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367, the Urania was recomissioned. Equipped with an upgraded warp drive and defensive systems, she rejoined the fleet as a diplomatic courier.

In the late 24th century, the Urania's services as a courier had again become inessential to Starfleet operations. At the beginning of the 25th century, plans were drawn up for a large-scale series of scientific survey missions, including revisiting little-explored systems and galactic phenomena in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Several older vessels were detailed for the different phases of this mission, including the Collingwood and the Polaris. The Urania was scheduled to take part in the third phase: a stellar cartography and dynamics mission on the edge of the Beta Quadrant. In 2415, she was ordered to Starbase Deep Space 13 for provisioning and supply appropriate to that mission. However, in early 2416, the proposed mission was put on indefinite hold and she was again returned to inactive, stand-by status. Currently, the Urania is on non-operational standby at Vulcan Starbase 1.

Consistent with other Excelsior-class vessels, the Urania has a standard compliment of 750 officers and crew, with room for an additional 130 visiting personnel. Because the Urania is currently between tours, her crew manifest has the provisional designation. Her last commanding officer was Commander Caspius Augustus, who served as temporary quartermaster appointment for outfitting and supply.



Overall Length: 511.25 m
Overall Beam: 195.64 m
Overall Draft: 86.76 m
Displacement: 2,350,000 mt

Habitable Decks: 34
Avg. Crew Compliment: 750
Emergency Capacity: 9,800

Dual-Vector Impulse Fusion Drive System
1,650-Cochrane Warp Core feeding 2x Nacelles
Avg. Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.6 (for 12 hours)
Maximum Rated Speed: Warp 9.7

12x Type-X Dual-Phaser Banks
4x Type-X Single-Phaser Banks
6x Photon Torpedo Launchers

Image Sources
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