Unconcious log of my characters

A new thing i'm experimenting with, i'm writing the expressions of what my characters wish they could say, but don't know how to say it.
Some of these things may be what my characters don't even -know- they are feeling or thinking.

If I don't like this idea i'll delete it. But it seems like a cool concept.

Almost as if the souls of my characters are speaking.

Shor: Fear

Death.......it is constant around me.

I long for it. I wish it, and I expect it.

Yet also.....I fear death. I fear many things which I do not dare say that I fear.

I fear for the future.

The future of my comrades

The future of the Klingons

The future of my ship

The future of my crew.

.......but most cowardly of all.....

I fear for myself.

Is that cowardice? Is this unworthy of Sto'vo'kor?
To fear my own doom. To see that I will end.

Is it wrong that I fear? Shall I be without terror? Or shall I face my death with fear.....

and yet.....with courage. Knowing that should I die well, with courage, and with honor. I may see Kahless.

I have done honorless things.

I have betrayed my Empire, yet I have not betrayed myself.

I fear.....

I must FIGHT

No, a Gorn will not prevail over me. My spirit is without end, and if I am to face Gre'thor. He shall be with me.

Modryn Odras: Fragile


They are valiant, this is true. I cannot deny that.

They wouldn't be so strong if they did not have qualities.

So this should not concern me, but it does anyway. Why the hell would it?

The fragility of everything, is palpable.

and the women here......they offer me no relief for my efforts.

Everything is cold and calculated, everyone is angry and vicious.

They think we are like stones. It would turn out they're worse.

I guess all that matters is the mission, but that is not what matters to me.

I want to see my people flourish. I also want to see our enemies crumble.

and this has to be my silent wish.

If only there were a better way

Areyis: Uncertain


This is an audio recording I did of myself playing as Areyis. I think I did quite well.

I might do my Romulan when I develop him more, and I would have done Shor, but I don't think I would do a Klingon justice.

I once read that "The only thing certain is uncertainty".

Is that a logical claim? It must surely be possible to be
certain of something. However, even in that certainty, is it feasible that calculated miniscule possibilities could
render that once perceived certain factor, into something which is in fact entirely unexpected.

It would therefore be a logical conclusion that......

Anything is possible.

This is a paradox. It is difficult to comprehend. If anything is possible, then there is no such thing as impossibility in a literal sense.
Such an assumption is figurative, and therefore illogical, as well as irrelevant.

It would of course, be impossible to communicate this with the majority of individuals. So I will continue to say that something is impossible,
even if it is not. In order to make people understand.


Yet......if the only thing certain is uncertainty. How is it possible to be certain that nothing is certain except uncertainty itself. It would therefore
be possible for certainty to exist.

A paradox.....I do not have a definite solution.

Ironic......a human would mock me for that.

They would say that because I do not have a definite solution.....that must mean my logic is flawed.