[Universal] Sweep for Neural Parasites

Type: Ground
Scope: All Task Force Personnel
Timeframe: Ongoing
Requirements: None
Spoiler: Show
Admin approval required for any player or NPC parasite possession to be discovered onboard DS13 or the Fleet Spire. AAR or 'Recent Reports' shoutbox post requested for any large-scale screenings or notable findings.

Assigned By: CAPT Perim, Deep Space 13
Description: As a result of recent events in the Delta Quadrant, all starships and facilities are being ordered to conduct routine and semi-regular medical examinations and entry-point scans (shuttle/docking bays, transporter rooms) to ensure the prompt detection of any attempted neural parasite infiltration.

Any personnel not already aware of this most recent threat to the security of the Federation and it's allies are strongly encouraged to attend one of our upcoming briefings on the subject.