USS Argama

U.S.S. Argama

USS Argama
Exeter Class
United Federation of Planets
In Service

The U.S.S.Argama NCC 91289 is a Federation Exeter-class starship operated by Starfleet. Named after a famous Andorian Icebreaker one of the first ships to navigate their south pole. She is the fourth starship to bare the name.

Andorian Battlecruiser "Nahal Th’ Argama
Mk 1 Loknar class USS Argama NCC 2712
Miranda Class USS Argama NCC 3241
New Orleans class USS Nahal Argama NCC 6314


Klingon War

Launched in 2409 the Argama under the command of Tellon Fnari mostly served in patrol and escort duty during the Federation/Klingon war, she took part in the battle of Qo’noS after a call for assistance was picked up by her communications officer. Post battle she was forced to undergo a month long refit after taking moderate damage before allied forces could neutralize the Undine planet killer.

Iconian War

After completion of the refit the Argama returned to patrol and survey duty in the Betazed sector until she was pushed into wartime duty yet again during the Iconian conflict were she would continue to patrol and escort for allied forces. However with the failed attack on the Dyson sphere near the end of war the Argama was pulled into front line combat taking part in several failed attempts to hold back Iconian forces until she was reassigned to help defend Sol during the desperate final battle of the war and was believed to have help keep Lunar colony safe along side the rest of her battle group until the cease fire.

Following the Iconian crisis the Argama returned to her patrol and survey duties until the resolution of the Klingon Civil war would lead Starfleet to call back the entire Exeter class fleet to partake in a general refit of their systems to modern standards, Captain Tellon would after long years of service be offered a promotion and the original crew reassigned leaving the Argama unmanned as her refit continued.

Terran Incursion

The Argama would soon after be assigned to Captain Serah Grant who’s previous command the USS Artemis had been critically damaged by a Terran raiding group post the fall of Etrin system to allied forces. Following the decommissioning Serah and crew would be rapidly redeployed aboard the Argama to reinforce allied forces until the end of the conflict primarily engaging in patrol/escort and mop up duty. Serah would retain her command of the Argama and the vessel would primarily serve in a patrol and light survey role for Argo going forward.

Shinari Diplomatic Mission

The Argama’s next assignment would be to take part in a diplomatic overture to the Shinari home world as it was believed a smaller vessel would be less likely to intimidate the recently Terran besieged world, after meeting with the star ship Segrasambo the Argama was escorted to the Shinari home world were the Argama would report of efforts to salvage Terran Imperial ship wrecks, including a semi intact Lexington class warship.

Upon entering standard orbit around the planet Captains Serah Grant, Drake Tungsten, Doctor zh’Lindresko and Cadet Ban would beam aboard the Shinari vessel and meet with the council were they would learn that the meeting had not been permitted by the ruling council but by other elements in the government who wished to push the Shinari’s relations with other species; despite the superficial resemblance to the Terran Empire the diplomatic party managed to plant the seeds of positive future relations with the Shinari and shortly after returned to federation space where she resumed her standard duties.

Operation Parry and Riposte

The Argama would while on patrol respond to a distress call from a federation convey led by the USS Rapier, a sabre class escort that had come under fire from an overwhelming raiding group revealed to consist of a powerful ship and two escorts, while the Rapier survived it had suffered major casualties and all three freighters had been captured and their crews taken. Attempts to track the Pirates proved fruitless and the Argama tractored the USS Rapier back to the nearest starbase.

The Argama next’s major assignment would involve resuming the anti-piracy duties Captain Serah Grant had shared with both USS Dragons under the command of Captain Drake Tungsten when she was in command of the USS Artemis. In the wake of the Terran incursion piracy had increased to worrying levels across all affected systems, and the attack on the USS Rapier and her convoy has been a wake up call for Starfleet. The raiding group appeared to consist of two medium class escorts and a large vessel of roughly Galaxy Class strength, such a dangerous force could in Serah’s opinion not be permitted to remain if the fleet had any real chance in quelling unrest in the sector going forward and would go along way to earning the trust of local systems in the wake of the Terran invasion.

Captain Serah would quickly push forward a plan to catch these more aggressive Orions by luring them into a pre-determined system through false communications and subtly manipulated com traffic to lure the Orion ships into an engagement against the USS Dragon and her support craft along side the USS Argama. Through data gathered from the previous attacks Serah had come to the conclusion that the standard tactic of these pirates was to send in the two escorts to engage enemy craft before crippling the freighters only bringing in their heavier command ship if needed, as such creating a believable target was key if they were to catch the Orions in a net they couldn’t escape from.

The plan primarily followed the USS Argama posing as a light escort for two cargo freighters and a single deuterium tanker using an off the road route to their destination through a system well suited for an ambush by the Pirates in truth the USS Dragon-A would several days prior enter the system and hide within an asteroid belt while the majority of her fighter craft would be placed inside the cargo containers of the two freighters while the tanker would contain a recently fielded gravametric device that when detonated would create a large field of unstable space for a short time preventing the forming of safe warp bubbles thus trapping their targets and forcing them to engage the USS Dragon-A in a straight up fight. The key however would be for the Argama to hold off the two smaller vessels long enough to present enough of a threat to draw the command ship into range of the device before launching the Dragon’s fighters, this battle later known as Operation Parry and Riposte would prove successful as the Pirates would take the bait and the detonation of the gravametric device would trap the pirates within the system long enough to spring the trap and for the USS Dragon (and a ECM based virus developed by Doctor Sindari Te’elis and Lieutenant Niraj) to end the battle decisively. Allied forces would suffer no causalities beyond the loss of the automated tanker, while the Argama herself would only sustain minor damage thanks to the cover from the Dragon’s fighter wings. The Argama would later return to friendly space for brief repair before returning to her previous duties.

The Argama is currently assigned to standard patrol and survey duty within Argo’s jurisdiction.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement & Crew Support

305 m
141 m
71 m
600,000 mt
Avg. Cruise:
Max Cruise:
Maximum Speed:
Warp 6
Warp 9.6
Warp 9.8 (for 12 hours)
8x Type-XIV Phaser Arrays
3x Photon Torpedo Tubes
Deflector Shields
Auxiliary Craft:
2x Shuttlecraft
1x CMU Workbees
1x Delta Flyer

The Exeter-class was a type of Federation starship design, a cruiser class that was first built by Starfleet in the late 24th century. Designed and built as a new variant of the famed Constitution-class starships, the Exeter-class honored the 400 crew members of the USS Exeter who were killed by a biological agent in 2268.

The Argama underwent a major refit prior to Captain Grant taking command upgrading her warp engines and Nacelles to the same specifications of the recent Excalibur class refit generally improving her warp efficiency. Her offensive and defensive systems would also be updated to modern standards as well as gain a much needed computer core upgrade.

Exeter Class Master Systems Display




Serah Grant








Robby Maser


Alyss Alfrain
Science Officer


Pera Juli


Argama pre-refit

Argama docked at Felixstowe Barge undergoing final preparation for launch

Argama Bridge