USS Dallas Communications - Terran Empire Invasion of Itrin Sector

To: 38th\Dallas
From: CAPT Holmes, A.
Subj: Terran Empire Invasion of Itrin Sector - Ship Orders - Week One

Crew of the USS Dallas,

As you will now be aware, the Terran Empire has launched an invasion of the Intrin Sector. We don’t know why, or what their goals are, but they are considered a hostile threat.

Our orders are to build up a spaceborne defence in the Yuhop system. Refer to your department heads for exact specifications in these orders.

All cargo is to be moved from cargo bays 2 through 6, any surplus is to be transported to the planet surface. These cargo bays will enter full production as industrial replicators to construct large spacecraft facilities such as phaser and torpedo emplacements, and shield generators. Cargo bay 5 and 6 will be dedicated to the production of bulk repair components and medical supplies. While Deep Space 13 is not too far away, Dallas’ capabilities as a mobile service provider will not be understated during this campaign and may end up being the difference between life and death for a stranded starship.

Additionally, shuttlebays 1 and 2 will be cleared in preparation for final fabrication and deployment of defensive systems. Runabouts Aire and Wharfe will be deployed to the Doza Outpost at Yuhop to provide additional starship defence.

I will provide additional updates as they are received.

We have trained for these situations and are prepared to support the fleet during these times. I have every confidence in our ability to thrive in these situations. We will get through this.

Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
USS Dallas